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Switching from Oil to Gas

Bryan Cunningham was managing director of the Kerryman for many years and is now busy enjoying his well-earned retirement in the house he built over 20 years ago in a scenic part of Kerry. However, the oil boiler originally installed for central heating and hot water was now reaching the end of its useful life. Due to rising fuel costs, converting to LP Gas was an attractive option. Bryan said, "A couple of friends have gas central heating and it just always seemed cleaner and quieter to me. Another good reason was that LP Gas is secure and safe from theft and there have been some incidents in my area. As I was already using the large cylinders of LP gas for the cooker, gas fire and barbeque, it made sense to look at it for my new central heating and hot water system," said Bryan.

Bryan knew of the Flogas offer of a free gas boiler worth €800 to anyone switching to LP Gas so he checked for local home heating installers on the internet. He found and got in touch with Brendan Martin of Heat Services Network, an RGII registered and Flogas-approved gas installer. "Once I inspect a boiler and its components, I can usually give a very good estimate of how much oil is being used without the owner having to dig out old fuel bills, said Brendan."From the condition of Bryan's boiler, I said he would save 30% on his fuel bills from the word go if he converted to Flogas LP Gas, which is a big amount. "

The conversion went smoothly and Bryan now has LP Gas for his central heating, hot water, cooking, gas fire and barbeque. "Brendan connected all my gas appliances up to the new tank in the garden. There were radiator blockages in a couple of the bedrooms and Brendan was able to sort those out with no problem and I'm delighted with how it all went," said Bryan.
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